MAY 16th and 17th, 2016

‘Gaming’:  emerging living cultural elements impacting TEACHER EDUCATION IN THE ARTS


MAY 16th

8:15 – Reception, registration, coffee and muffins –Richmond Room, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave W., 613 580 2424.

8:45– Welcome, overview, aims/objectives for Roundtable 2016

9:00 – Welcome from a City Official.

9:15– ‘Gaming’ – Learning and technology:  Douglas Archibald Faculty of Medicine Ottawa University

9:45 – Ben SajoGame-Based Learning in Music   How is music used in virtual reality games? How can actual reality games teach students musical concepts as they make their music?  Using some dice, a deck of cards, and a spinner, what would be the rules and variables for your own musical performance games? 

10:15 – Break

10:30 – Group Gaming Session on Music –

11:30 – Group reports –

12-1:00pm – Lunch.

1pm – Carolee Mason Exploring Role Play in Gaming  Role play strategies used in drama provide gamers with insights into the relationships, narratives and avatars that contextualize electronic gaming experience. We will look at how off-line drama activities can develop gaming strategies, while raising awareness of choice and ethical behavior.

1:30- Group Gaming Session – on Drama


2:20- Group Reports.

2:45pm – Refreshment break.

3:00 JoDee Allen –  Dance Gaming as Embodied Play:  Video games may seem an unlikely genre to attract dance enthusiasts but in recent years the practice of dance gaming has become widely popular. This talk will introduce a brief history of dance video gaming and examine how different kinds of gesture interfaces affect player movement.

3:30  – Group Gaming Session- on Dance

4:30 – Group Reports

5 – 7pm – Optional Group Dinner, details TBA 

MAY 17th:

8:45 – Coffee and muffins –Richmond Room

9:00-Geneviève LeblancNew Frontiers: Why Nurturing the Gamer is Nurturing the Artist: For the generation of artists already involved in the burgeoning field of video games, there is no question that video games are an art form. This talk will examine the different ways the arts are expressed in gaming and how youth can become involved in expressing themselves through the medium of game development.

9:45 Group Gaming Session-on Visual Arts

10:45 – Group Reports

11am – Walk to NGC and lunch Break

11- 1:00pm – Lunch.

1:00 pm – Meet at National Gallery of Canada and welcome and presentation by host and participant Gary Goodacre – (Gaming in Museums and GG exhibit)

1:15 Presentation on the exhibit and visit

2:15 Plenary: What are the implications for gaming in pre-service and in-service training?

3pm – Roundtable conclusions, next steps, departure.



*Group Gaming Sessions

These are group discussion sessions which will focus on the prior presentation given and will try to address the following questions, or others suggested by the group, as they apply to that specific art form. The resulting work from these discussions will be presented to the whole group in whatever format chosen by individual groups.

Why should teachers care? What teacher and educator concerns and anxieties need to be addressed? What are the advantages? Identify, analyse, discuss and weigh the aesthetic elements in ‘Gaming’. What are the similarities with media arts? What strategies can we use when introducing ‘gaming’? When does a game or video game become art? Invent a game and its musical component.